Да-да! Именно так! Fuck off and take your shit with you! I really don't care who I'm gonna be! Poet, worker, writer, interpretor? Who gives a fuck!? Really? Only one thing I care the most is a blissful rest. Oh yeah...rest. I don't need your senseless notations, endless waste of health, nerves and time. Sick of it!
Just wanna be me...and do what I really love. No! You must graduate from the university! You must get a well paid job! You must earn tons of money! You must betray your dreams! You must be a pride of your parents! You must! You must! You must! Endless "must"! Who said it?
What we really must do is to follow our dreams, mind. No matter what you lose in process of achivement. No guts, no glory.

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